Reports and Dashboards (Power BI)

Proper data presentation increases the efficiency of analyses and makes catching any errors easier.

Microsoft Business Intelligence offers many possibilities, basic web reports, automated mailing  systems and dashboard managers among the most popular ones. 

We present some of the main functions.

Reporting techniques

A few different techniques of Microsoft Business Intelligence can be used for creating reports:

  • Power BI – allows the user to transform data into visual material which they can later access  on different deviced (computers, smartphones) from anywhere in the world (data stored on the  cloud)
  • SQL Server Reporting Services: allows the user to create standard reports used among the  whole company, as well as create subscribtions which will automatically send the reports to  specific recipients
  • Excel – is the easier reporting tool while also having many presenting options, which only get  more advances as new versions are being developed.

Why Microsoft BI?

Microsoft has been a leader when it comes to Gartner Magic Quadrant in the Business Intelligence and  Analytics Platform categories. Some companies consider even appearing in the Quadrant a great  success. 

This leading position is a result of good reviews from Microsoft Business Intelligence’s clients. 

Various capabilities of the BI platform and its very good cooperation with MS Excel have also been a  deciding factor. 

The Gartner Magic Quadrant experts have also noticed how easily adaptable the platform is when it  comes to its organization and that its users tend to stay loyal to it.

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