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MS Excel course for companies

The contents of the course are designed for our clients’ individual needs. The participants fill out a survey which helps us determine the level on the basis of which we create the training groups.

We also take the participants’ suggestions into consideration. Each participant can fill out a survey with the list of possible topics and choose what they would like to be part of the course.

 The participants’ specific positions are also taken into account. We can prepare courses for those working in:

  • finance
  • marketing
  • personnel
  • administration and others.

Excel in Finance

We specialize in courses for the finance departments:

  • controlling
  • planning and budgeting
  • accounting
  • analyses and others.

The courses are conducted by a member of the ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants).

Courses & Solutions for companies

We offer efficient courses which combine training and introducing solutions for already existing issues. See examples in “Solutions for companies”.

First, we modify already existing excel spreadsheets. Then we conduct the course from which the participants learn how to make those modifications themselves.

After completing the course the participants will be able to make processes in other fields more efficient.

Course duration

We offer personalized courses so the duration is also up to the participants. We advise for it to last for 3 days, 6 hours every day. The first 2 days are devoted to active learning. The last day is focused on implementing the knowledge and revising information.

Place of training

The training takes place in the client’s company.


Each participants gets personalized training materials and resources.

Training groups

The recommended number of participants is 4 to 8, allowing for an individual approach.

Course times

The courses can be conducted whenever the participants are available, also during the weekends.


Each participant gets a certificate upon completing the course.

After the course

For 3 months upon completing the course the participants will get exercises and video guide links.


Training 3-day 2-day  solutions related to
Number of hours 18 hours  16 hours as needed
Training price 4 900 PLN 3 900 PLN net asset value

The price of the training includes:

  • two or three day training
  • professional training materials
  • certificates upon completion of training
  • post-training support - video guides
  • assistance in solving current problems during training

How to start?

Please contact us.

If the company you work for might be interested in this training, please send us a contact to the person responsible for staff development.


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